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Crane scale/wireless

  • OCS-Iron-2t/3t/5t
  • OCS-Iron-2t/3t/5t
  • OCS-Iron-2t/3t/5t
  • OCS-Iron-2t/3t/5t
  • OCS-Iron-2t/3t/5t


  • Iron shell
  • Product description:

Capacity: 1t/2t/3t/5t

1. Overview
OCS-WZ1/WZ2 look directly at electronic-E Series Hanging by hanging, high-precision sensor and the Company developed specifically for Hanging A / D converter and display. Five 1.2-inch (digit height30 mm) ultra bright digital display, clear and bright, clear readings in distant places. As a result of a unique anti-shake, vibration, swing intelligent digital filter, reading good stability, short settling time (<5 seconds). Has immediate peeled and delay peeled function. With automatic cumulative function. Low power consumption design, battery life longer, sufficient battery LED display can work continuously for 30 hours. Also has a battery over-discharge protection circuit to avoid damage to the battery and shorten the life of the phenomenon caused by excessive battery discharge. Automatic power saving automatic power off function, so that the battery life longer. Startup and shutdown, the battery (percentage) enables you to keep abreast of the battery power to select the appropriate timing of the charging.
◎ Operating temperature range:-10 ℃~ +40 ℃;

◎ A / D conversion speed: 80 times / sec;
◎ relative temperature: <90% RH;

◎ Sensor Supply Voltage: 5V;
◎ Accuracy: III; ◎ zero range: <10% FS;

◎ peeled range: 10% of the FS-100 FS;

◎ wireless remote control the use of distance ≤15 m;

◎Wireless communication distance to HY180/HY280/HY680: >200m (open space)

◎Wireless frequency:433MHZ
OCS-WZ1/WZ2 have high accuracy, fast and stable, easy to use, for warehouses, docks, factories, freight yards, lifting occasions.

2. The power  ON/OFF
1,Power in the off state, press the [ tare, ON / OFF] key turned on, it will displays the software version number: the 〖Uer5.2〗 seconds after the instrument: [999999] - [000000] self-test . zero-bit initialization. The normal display: 〖0〗

2, panel buttons:
The button: [tare, ON / OFF] key; other button: [Query] key.

3, while the power, press and hold the [tare, ON / OFF] key, five seconds later the battery power: [Pbt85〗 Then release it, automatically cut off power, or delay to Paper process, once again press [tare, ON / OFF] key will cut off the power.

Or press [B]+[A]key together by remote controller, it will cut off the power.

★ Note: Pbt85 the battery power for 85%;

3. Tare
1, instant tare: the state of light goes out, place heavy objects lifted until the weighing stability, press [tare, ON / OFF] key or [C] by remote controller.
★ Note: weighing stability, 〖stability〗 indicator light.

2, the delay tare: Press and hold【tare, ON / OFF】 key 3 seconds after the display:
〖TArE-9〗, then release it,it will display the value of minus one per second speed display 〖TarE-x〗 At this point, to lift heavy objects. When the display 〖TarE-0〗, peeled automatically. If the weighing is also not stable, the display 〖UUUUU〗, waiting for the weighing stability automatically peeled, the displayed value to zero, and [tare〗 indicator is lit.

4. Peak Hold

Press the remote controller B key, the display value is maintained, and then press the B key to be lifted.

5. Cumulative

Press [Query] button for 3 seconds, display [AUt-0].

Press[B] key by remote control ,display [AUt-1], Press [Query] bttonon to confirm, system automatic opening function cumulative. ("AUt-0" close cumulative function, "AUt-1" open cumulative function).

Note: Automatically accumulated, each weighing finish, showing value to zero, the display weight automatically accumulated, it will close automatically function after shutting down every time.


6. Query

The function can query the accumulated weight and overload record

"DAE-1": representing the latest 10 weighing data query

"DAE-2": represents the cumulative weight query

"DAE-3": query overload record

Short press [Query] button, display [DAE-0], enter the query function, press the [B] dey by remote controller and modify [DAE-1], press [A] by remote controller to confirm to enter the last 10 weighing data query. Press the [B] key to read data.

Press the [A] button to return "DAE-1" state, press [B] and modify [DAE-2]. Press [A] key to confirm to enter the query cumulative weight and cumulative number of times; at this time it display [C XXX], press the [B] button to read query data,

For example: 800kg weight is continuous weighing 32 times, the total weight is 25600kg, hanging display:

"C 32", "H0002", "L5600"

Note: C is the total number of times, H is the high 4 digits of total amount, L is the low 4 digits of total amount.

Press the [A] button to return "DAE-2" state, press the [B ] key and modify [DAE-3]. Press [A] button to confirm to enter the overload record query, it display overload of the times. Such as hanging without overload record, is shown as 0.

Press [A ]to return to the "DAE-3" state, press the [B] key to modify the [DAE-0], and then press the [A] to confirm and return the weighing state.

Remote control key instructions

A:     Query key / Number reduce 1

B:     Hold key / Cursor right

C:     Tare key / Number add 1

D:     Function / Confirmation

B+A:   Shutdown key

Max Cap.(Kg)
Min. Weigh (Kg)
Division (Kg)
Total Display Counts (N)
OCS-ZS -10
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